Our team

Doug Hayes

CEO & Founder

I've worked on every side of the table - founder, investor, advisor, exec - and bring that experienced perspective to each client relationship. I love working closely with forward-thinking leaders, helping them filter the noise, set a clear vision, and execute with confidence.

Ashlee Wisdom

Project Lead, SVG

As a founder with a public health and research background, I bring a unique perspective to our client work. I help clients with work ranging from venture capital co-investment to improving health equity and outcomes.

Rashida Prattis

Head of Design

As a designer, I am trained to seek and soothe the painful problems that impact people's lives. My expertise in experience design and design thinking allows me to craft memorable experiences that empower innovative leaders to meet their strategic goals.

Maryse Suppiger

Digital Marketing Associate

I can brief you on today’s key digital health leaders, investors, and startups. Conversely, if you are a digital health leader, investor, or startup, I can help you market your ideas and mission.



I'm a good boy who has experience sparking joy while remaining open to new environments and I bring that unique perspective to the team. I love meeting new people, taking long walks, and belly rubs for good luck.

Our Advisors

Greg Hayes

Founder @ Complex materials

Greg Hayes is a strategic technology development consultant with a strong background in high-end research and development, and a focus in materials science and engineering. Greg’s professional background began as a consulting materials scientist and technical program lead, working internationally in the health-tech, high-tech, and aerospace markets.

Currently, Greg is SVP of Applied Technology at EOS North America, where he works to identify market needs and uses of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology to develop products to fulfill those opportunities. In his prior role as a program manager and director of new partnerships for AM at TNO, he concentrated on design and structure of research programs, acquisition of funding and partners, and general management. Earlier in 2014, Greg co-founded Complex Materials, a bespoke bioresorbable materials  company with a focus on magnesium alloy stent tubing.

Greg holds an ME degree from the University of Delaware; a Ph.D. in Materials Science from The Pennsylvania State University; and Start-up and Entrepreneurship certification from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium.

Joe Habboushe


Dr. Habboushe is a practicing emergency physician in New York City and serial healthcare entrepreneur. He is cofounder of MDCalc, the largest physician-owned medical reference used by approximately 2/3 of U.S. physicians weekly. He is also founder of Vitalis Pharmaceuticals, developing novel therapies in multiple sclerosis, opioid-sparing pain, and cholesterol.

Dr. Habboushe received his M.D. from Cornell University, his M.B.A. in Healthcare Finance from Columbia University, and his B.S. in Applied Mathematics from Yale University.


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