Amelia Edwards
February 23, 2017

Founder Feature: MEDIKTOR

This week I had an opportunity to speak with Josep Carbó, head of Business Development at the company MEDIKTOR. Recently, MEDIKTOR has been making waves in the health and innovation field in Spain and Europe with their advanced symptom-checking platform that utilizes artificial intelligence.

MEDIKTOR is a pioneering platform that allows individuals to easily input their symptoms, receive a preliminary diagnosis, and then, if they so wish, virtually chat with one of the specialists in their large database. As more cases are input, MEDIKTOR is able to learn and become more experienced and intuitive, thereby gaining greater accuracy.

The application even allows users to share photos and videos with the specialist to improve symptom evaluation. It is also the first advanced symptom evaluator that is compatible with the Apple Watch.

Interview with CEO Josep Carbó

In our conversation, Carbó was able to shed light on what makes MEDIKTOR a leading competitor in the market and some keys to their success.

What was the inspiration for founding Mediktor?

Josep Carbó (JC): MEDIKTOR was founded to tackle the challenge that access to healthcare represents all around the world, both from a quality of life and from a cost-effectiveness standpoint. Unstructured access to healthcare is leading to unsustainable health systems and poor quality of care.

How does Mediktor compete with other sites such as WebMD? What makes Mediktor unique?

JC: MEDIKTOR is the most advanced AI based medical device for triage, pre-diagnosis, and decision-making support. According to Harvard Medical School criteria MEDIKTOR’s accuracy reaches 91% compared to the 36% accuracy of WebMD. Clinical trials at Emergency Departments with 1000 patients also show levels of accuracy above 90%.

What role does artificial intelligence play in Mediktor’s design?

JC: Advanced AI, self-learning machine techniques, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are they keys that take MEDIKTOR to the unbeatable levels of accuracy. These technologies combined with more than 1.3 million cases from around the world treated by MEDKITOR makes our solution intuitive and intelligent.

What has been the easiest part of building your company? The hardest?

JC: The easiest part by far is finding the motivation to tackle the challenge of providing fair and equal access to healthcare for every individual. The toughest part is to build the confidence at a clinical level. That is why clinical trials are key for us at this stage.

Where do you see Mediktor a year from now?

JC: Our plan is the following:

  • Having 3 big health insurances as paying clients (1 being US based)
  • Having 1 hospital as a paying client
  • Completing 3 clinical trials (1 in the US)
  • Gaining FDA clearance

On an end note, Josep Carbó said that at MEDIKTOR, “We are devoted to dramatically improve the access to Healthcare worldwide”. With 400,000 individual users from 172 different countries, I definitely see this statement as being filled with truth and promise. MEDIKTOR seems like it is poised and ready for success in the insurance and hospital market.

To keep track of their future entry into the US market and for more information visit and follow them on Twitter @Mediktor. You can also download MEDIKTOR for free in both the iOS and Android markets.

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