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It takes a village

Junto Health designs engaging, fresh communities for forward thinking healthcare leaders.


We create and manage active communities of digital health innovators

Junto Health has deep experience developing communities of founders, investors, and mentors & designing high-value ways for those communities to interact with each other

Since our launch in 2015, we have worked with over 75 large clients from every vertical of healthcare, regularly convening industry leaders and launching new programs to help executives, investors, and founders do more ambitious work together. 
what is Open innovation?

Fresh ideas, shared freely

To succeed in today’s market, competitive strategies need a disciplined approach to access willing partners, engage with quality tech, and exposure to external ideas & expertise.

Open innovation reduces the costs & risk of innovation

Grow Your Top Line
  • Faster time-to-market for new products & services, increasing revenue, and protecting market share
  • Leapfrog competitors and enter new markets without spending years in development
Reduce Your Cost & Risk
  • Reduce direct spending on innovation projects, improving investment ROI
  • Lower innovation risk by working with
    complementary organizations
Improve Your Agility
  • Increased organizational agility to respond to ever-changing needs and opportunities
  • Improved “hit rate” by tapping a larger opportunity set & using a simple, disciplined process
Our Communities

Meet friends, peers, partners

Junto Health has pioneered Open Innovation within healthcare technology. We've seen open innovation in action first-hand. Below are a collection of communities we are a part of.
Strategic Ventures Group
Canada Health Tech Accelerator
AHA Nexus
Novo Nordisk Hive
Junto Codevelopment Consortium