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November 24 2020

They've gotten validation and traction with clients, now they're looking to grow with the right partners in the US. Get intro'd directly or meet all the founders by requesting a ticket to a virtual event. Need more information? Download the dealbook.

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Digital Solutions for sticky problems

Ashlee Wisdom

Project Lead, SVG

As a founder with a public health and research background, I bring a unique perspective to our client work. I help clients with work ranging from venture capital co-investment to improving health equity and outcomes.

Rashida Prattis

Design & Digital Transformation

I am trained to seek and soothe the painful problems that impact people's lives. My expertise in experience design and design thinking allows me to craft memorable experiences that empower innovative leaders to meet their strategic goals.

Maryse Suppiger

Digital Marketing Associate

I can brief you on today’s key digital health leaders, investors, and startups. Conversely, if you are a digital health leader, investor, or startup, I can help you market your ideas and mission.



I'm a good boy who has experience sparking joy while remaining open to new environments and I bring that unique perspective to the team. I love meeting new people, taking long walks, and belly rubs for good luck.

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Eleven Startups

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our Past Events

November 10
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Mentor + VIP

5:00 PM ET
Grab a drink and a notepad. This session promised a fun night of activities to get to know the founders better.
November 17
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Investors-Only Pitch Day

1:30 PM ET
Get the nitty gritty in this info-packed session. Investors are invited to give feedback and ask the founders the tough questions.
November 24
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Partnership Speed Dating

1:00 PM ET
Make the most of your time with group networking sessions and one-to-one meetings with the founders and their teams.
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