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Top bars don’t need to be tiny you know. Check out this one.
founder craft

You reimagined healthcare.

Junto Health combines hands-on entrepreneurial mentorship and a diverse network to help high-growth founders scale.

Why founder craft?

The hard part is making it real.

It's difficult to balance the needs of clients, investors, and employees.
Actionable feedback is either vague or too hard to come by.
Time is your most valuable asset and so many duties tug at your attention span.
how we help

Thriving through scale requires something completely different.

When startups are ready to level up, we offer entrepreneurs our Growth Advisory engagements. Our advisory services adapt to your evolving needs, threats, and opportunities.
Junto Health acts as your embedded business development partner.
the Junto advantage

Stand out in an over-crowded market

To generate sustainable growth, you need to be in the room with forward-thinking clients & investors.
our curriculum

We're here to support your success.

After the early stage, you have so much more to manage on the journey to meaningful scale.

“I tried it out and found it to be the perfect thing.”

“It’s an interesting point to be made, the design is fantastic and the execution is second to none.”
Adrianne Nickerson
Oula Health
Founder Feaures

Meet these amazing startups

The founder community is really our true home, and we have stayed engaged with digital health founders in many ways. Below is a collection of the founders we've worked with along the way.

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