It's easy to reimagine healthcare. The hard part is making it real.

Are you a high-potential founder looking to deliver meaningful impact?

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To survive the early stage, you needed a vision + hustle.
Thrive through scale by leveraging our guidance + network.

After the early stage, you have so much more to manage on the journey to meaningful scale.

It's lonely at the top when all eyes are on you

It's difficult to balance the needs of clients, investors, and employees, and hard to find a sounding board you can trust. Become part of a community that supports you and your company’s success.

Time is tight and everything you do matters

As a founder, your time is your most valuable asset and the quality of your decisions today will determine your trajectory tomorrow. We help founders clarify their priorities so they never drop the ball.

You need to stand out from the crowd

To generate sustainable growth, you need to be in the room with forward-thinking clients & investors. Tap our network & know-how to build real relationships you can harvest for the long haul.

Our plan for you


Current State "Stress Test"

Validate your strengths, discover opportunities, and see how you compare to the market. 20 min call


Develop a Workplan

We design an actionable, custom work plan for your professional (and personal) goals. 1-3 days


Execute Together

We roll up our sleeves and start executing your plan as your embedded partners and ecosystem "antennae."

How can we help you?

Scale my capacity

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Boost my network

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Scale my business

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Short Term Sprints

What is it...

For entrepreneurs who are actively scaling and need “plug&play” partners to help do the heavy lifting, we offer short term sprint engagements built around one specific project. Our Sprint engagements are typically less than 6 months, have a clear start/stop date, and predetermined deliverables along unchanging milestones.

Common Applications...

Refreshing your Fundraising Package
Sales & Growth Roadshows
Perfecting your company’s positioning & communicating your business coherently
Custom offsites & workshops (Design Thinking)
Market Entry / Go-to-Market Launches
Project Management

Use when... are facing
time-sensitive opportunities and threats. have projects in need of capable entrepreneurial talent. have clearly defined your problem and have an idea of how it could be solved.

Strategic Incubation

What is it...

For Digital Health Founders who want to reach breakaway growth, we offer our Strategic Incubation program. Our model is an invite-only membership of Founders who have made it through the early stage and are on a high growth trajectory. These Founders meet in intimate groups to discuss their challenges, explore new business opportunities, get actionable feedback from peers, and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. The Program provides Founders with a stable platform for continued professional and personal development, while continually growing their personal network of customers & capital.

Common Applications...

Accelerate your development with Peer to peer learning
Diversifying your network of advisors & mentors
A better alternative to Executive Coaching services
Staying in the flow of market news, trends, and opportunities in a sustainable way

Use when... need a robust support system of peer executives to help you work through critical decisions. are ready to improve holistically as a leader, including professional and personal challenges. want to expand your network of advisors and mentors, to tap their wisdom as needed in real time. 

Growth Advisory

What is it...

Surviving the early stage takes vision and hustle; thriving through scale requires something completely different: you need an actionable strategy and the right partners to make real impact.

When startups are ready to level up, we offer our Growth Advisory engagements. Positioning Junto as your embedded partner, these engagements are typically long term and include a portfolio of parallel work streams; as milestones are reached and needs change, our advisory services adapt to your evolving needs, threats, and opportunities.

Common Applications...

Developing and executing robust Go-To-Market rollouts
Sales & Growth Roadshows
Fundraising Roadshows
New Service Blueprinting
Personalized professional development / tactical skill training (coaching)

Use when...

….you want an experienced co-pilot to help you navigate a make-or-break growth phase.
….you need an external sounding board to stress-test your ideas and execute with confidence. want more high-quality relationships quickly, by tapping into a community of prospective clients, and investors. have defined your WHY, but are looking for support on the What and HOW.

Three simple steps towards the future of healthcare

Assess Your Strategy

Learn your strengths and pain points and how they compare to competitors in the market

Develop a Workplan

Get an actionable, custom work plan for your personal and business goals

Execute Together

Collaborate on a plan together to improve your business


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