Digital health investors are funding the future of healthcare.

As patients of the future, we need you to get it right. Are you fueling value or creating noise?

Boost Your Investment Impact

Demographic trends, payment reform, and healthcare consumerism are converging, giving digital health investors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We help our clients make sense of the market disruption, so they never miss their chance.

Too many companies, too little time

With over 10,000 startups in the market, you need a clear thesis, efficient processes, and opportunistic flexibility to be successful. Leverage an external partner to make sure you're allocating your time and attention to the best deals for your strategy.

Need a deep network to see the best flow

Venture investing in digital health takes a village; you need deal flow partners, co-investors, and a trusted sounding board of peers to stress-test your ideas.
Scale your network of trusted relationships so you're in the flow of the best deals.

Hard to help portco's scale after the check

As an investor, your reputation and returns depend on supporting your portco's after the check; but helping digital health founders thrive through scale is a full-time job. Partner with specialists to support your portco's growth for the long haul.

Our plan for you


Current State "Stress Test"

Validate your strengths, discover opportunities, and see how you compare to the market. 20 min call


Develop a Workplan

We design an actionable, custom work plan for your professional (and personal) goals. 1-3 days


Execute Together

We roll up our sleeves and start executing your plan as your embedded partners and ecosystem "antennae."

How can we help you?

Stress test my investment

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Scale my portfolio companies

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Set up my venture for the future

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Venture Sprint

What is it..

For Venture Investors who need actionable, high-quality market intelligence and don't have months to figure it out, we offer venture sprints. Informed by our experience as investors, founders, and advisors, our venture sprints are typically 1-2 months long and aligned to a single project or deliverable; they may be used as one-off projects, or sequenced into a series of sprints towards a larger milestone.

Common Applications...

Investment due diligence
Syndication Management
Portfolio Company Fundraising Roadshows
Market trends & opportunity analysis
Market Entry / Go-to-Market Launches

Use when... identify a great opportunistic investment but want to stress test your thesis with a neutral 3rd party. need a trusted partner to deliver exactly what you need, and nothing you don’t.
...your team’s bandwidth is rate-limiting your fund’s performance.
...exploring new investment theses before doubling down.

Strategic Incubation

What is it..

For Digital Health Investors who want to accelerate the growth of their existing portfolio companies, we offer our Strategic Incubation program. Our model is an invite-only membership of Founders who have made it through the early stage and are on a high growth trajectory. These Founders meet in intimate groups to discuss their challenges, explore new business opportunities, get actionable feedback from peers, and learn from experienced entrepreneurs. The Program provides Founders with a stable platform for continued professional and personal development, while continually growing their personal network of customers & capital.

Common Applications...

Accelerating Portfolio Company growth after the check
Offering your portfolio companies a diverse network of advisors, mentors, and peers
Helping your founders grow personally and professionally through peer2peer learning
Staying in the flow of market news, trends, and opportunities in a sustainable way

Use when... want to help your portfolio companies scale, but have too little time to help each one meaningfully.
...competing for the best deals by demonstrating a commitment to your portco’s long-term growth.
...your portfolio companies need specific expertise during a critical growth phase.’d like to connect your portfolio companies to more business development opportunities.

Venture Advisory

What is it..

For Venture Investors who need to stay ahead of the competition and deliver real impact, we offer venture advisory engagements. Our venture advisory engagements are typically long-term partnerships in which we support a portfolio of distinct work streams and evolve our deliverables over time as our client’s needs change. We work from the same side of the table with our clients, helping them align their investment strategy to the right secular tailwinds, streamline their decision-making process, find a network of co-investors, and move into the flow of top-tier deals.

Common Applications...

Developing/refining your investment thesis, fund strategy, and portfolio allocation heuristics
Implementing best practices for fund structure, conflicts of interest, and governance
End-to-End Deal Management (sourcing, diligence, terms, coinvestor outreach, execution)
Alliance Development as a Service: co-investor network, dealflow partners
Recurring Deep Dives (emerging tech, trends, business models)
Curated Deal Flow (monthly package of investment opportunities aligned to investment strategy)

Use when... are setting up your digital health venture fund or refreshing an existing fund’s mandate. would benefit from an external sounding board of experienced venture/digital health partners. are missing great opportunities in the market due to slow/clunky processes. need to get into competitive deals. want a warm network of coinvestors but don’t have bandwidth to corral the right people.

Three simple steps towards the future of healthcare

Assess Your Strategy

Stress-test your investment strategy and find out what opportunities you’re missing out on 

Develop a Workplan

Get an actionable, custom work plan that you can launch within your company

Execute Together

Collaborate on a plan together to improve your investment strategy


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