Launching an International Entry Accelerator with the Canadian government

Rashida Prattis
December 8, 2020

How we helped Canada's top digital health companies enter the U.S. Market

Junto Health in partnership with the Canadian Trade Authority launched its first-ever bicoastal accelerator program for Canadian digital health companies. The CTA accelerator gives high-growth Canadian entrepreneurs in-depth knowledge about the U.S. Healthcare market and provides access to experienced mentors, strategic partners, prospective customers, and venture capital investors. 

1. Recruiting our Inaugural Cohort

Junto Health and our partners at the Canadian Consulate, and local investors reviewed over 200 applications to find the best digital health companies.

Using our experience running accelerators in the past, we augmented our Startup Evaluation Scorecard to include the goals our client had for the accelerator program. We then separated and used the same scorecard to evaluate the semi-finalist companies. 

After the tallies and averages were calculated, we interviewed candidates via video call to get a better sense of the goals they hoped to achieve with the program. When all was set and done, we notified our finalists and get ready to kickoff.

Meet our inaugural cohort of Digital Health companies:

Download the CTA 2020 Dealbook to learn more about our inaugural cohort

Click to download the dealbook

2.  We introduced founders to strategic partners in the U.S. market

The CTA Digital Health program was built to accelerate the growth of Canada’s most promising early-stage digital health start-ups. Junto Health was responsible for the development, recruitment, and management of the mentor program. We facilitated connection between founders and mentors with networking events.

“Strong community and mentorship are the lifeblood of any successful entrepreneurial ecosystem.”
—David Cohen, Founder of Techstars

CTA 2020 Program Mentors:

3. We designed and taught Entrepreneurship Masterclasses

Junto Health facilitated masterclasses on entrepreneurship designed to refresh founders in specific areas as well as to spark connection between the individual teams in the cohort through shared experience.

Example masterclasses:
  • Making the Most of Mentor Relationships
  • Developing your Sales Engine
  • Ecosystem Intensive: New York
  • Messaging for Multiple Audiences

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