Strategic Retreat: Novo Nordisk

Rashida Prattis
February 26, 2020

Novo Nordisk Strategic Retreat

In February of 2020, the Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact (CSSI) team at Novo Nordisk tapped Junto Health to design and facilitate a custom Design Thinking full-day offsite, to set an intentional 2020 and long term vision.


The CSSI team is responsible for supporting Novo’s Triple Bottom Line mandate, operationalizing Novo’s charitable giving, and engaging employees across Novo Nordisk in sustainability initiatives.

  • Erin Byrne, Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact
  • Niki King, Director, Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact
  • Susan Stewart, Business Support Coordinator, Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact
  • Genevieve Jean-Bart Fadayomi, Director, Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact
  • Lisa Ciallella, Senior Associate, Corporate Sustainability & Social Impact
Stakeholder Guests

In addition to the senior leadership of CSSI. We invited enabling senior directors to add their perspective on our strategic work midday.

  • Erin Gilligan, Senior Director, Enterprise Communications
  • Brian Kelly, Senior Director, State Government Affairs
  • Lindsay Marsh, Director Global Diversity, Culture & Engagement


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