How we built a custom Design Thinking Master Class

Rashida Prattis
January 20, 2020

How we built custom Design Thinking courseware for Novo Nordisk

After running a successful Intro to Design Thinking workshop for senior leadership at Novo Nordisk, Junto Health had the opportunity to diffuse these concepts at a large scale for Novo Nordisk's distributed network of employees. The Design Thinking @ Novo Nordisk (DT@NNI) program is a professional development program for Novo Nordisk employees to improve their business acumen by learning and applying the principles of Design Thinking to their unique professional contexts.

Watch the intro to Design Thinking at Novo Nordisk:

1. Video Courseware

DT@NNI is a video series that featured a diverse group of expert practitioners, entrepreneurs, and executives. Junto Health developed three video-based learning modules covering the key principles of Design Thinking and how they may be applied in NNI’s unique context; DT@NNI lives on as a long term asset, available to all NNI employees for perpetuity, with the potential for hundreds of employees to access them in the future asynchronously.

We included bonus video content from thought leaders across Design Thinking

Example Courses:

  • Accepting Complexity
  • Empathy Driven Process
  • Designing Lean Experiments

2. Interviews with Design Thinking Practitioners

Additionally, we hosted two 45 minute webinars featuring female executives, founders & investors who shared their career story & how design thinking influences their work. These interviews made the concepts we had just taught seem more accessible and real. Plus viewers got an opportunity to get to know our expert guests as humans as walked us through their definition of design thinking and offered helpful insights to new practitioners.

Kathy Spencer-Pike interviews Robin Beadle

Featured Design Thinking Practitioners:

  • Sara Holoubek, CEO of Luminary Labs
  • Robin Beadle, Director of Marketing of Glooko

Featured Senior Leadership:

  • Amy West, Head of US Digital Health Strategy
  • Kathy Spencer-Pike, VP of Diabetes
Amy West & Sara Holoubek
CEO Doug Hayes gives Amy West a tour of Luminary Labs

3. Resources to download

Make it Real modules are light worksheets designed to connect the concepts taught in the courses into their daily work. Downloadable cheat sheets, templates, and workshop materials, for participants to use personally or with their teams.

Example tools include:

  • Mindmap
  • Empathy maps
  • Feedback Capture Grid

4. Designed for collaborative learning

By celebrating & highlighting those who completed the “Make it Real” modules in company level communications, we encouraged participants to cross-pollinate learnings and rewarded positive behavior change.

  1. Program participants will be encouraged to complete “Make it Real” modules (ie, “homework”) between sessions.
  2. To complete these modules, participants will work with other WINN Members to apply Design Thinking to specific business challenges or opportunities.
  3. Those participants who choose to complete the “Make it Real” modules were invited to share brief updates of their progress during future program sessions.

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