Digital Health Hike: Junto Health x Modus in the Valley of Fire in Nevada

Doug Hayes
October 28, 2019

What it was like leading a group of executives into the desert after the HLTH conference

Whether it was for the fresh air, or to get out of that last seminar we convinced 00 executives to join us on a hike into the Valley of Fire in Nevada.

Scouting out the Valley the night before our group hike
We all figured a hike into the desert would be a great healthy alternative to the typical social drinks at a restaurant. —Author Name
Photoshop by Jay Erickson, Co-founder & CIO of Modus

First, we cooked up a brilliant idea with a our good friend, Jay Erickson

More backstory/context about how this idea to go hiking came to be.
Add that he was a speaker at Junto Health Summit (17?)

Then we spread the word

We sent out emails and once we got enough excitement we pulled the trigger on renting a bus.

Here's who we convinced to join us on this desert adventure:
  • Doug Hayes
  • Jay Erickson
  • John C
  • Jonas
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Before we hit the road, we rented some hiking gear & packed everyone in a bus
Why yes! That is a solar panel phone charger. I'm always over prepared.
The landscape was breathtaking.
Things got real as we connected about work and life.
We also had a lot of fun together.

We are so grateful to all the participants who joined us on this crazy adventure

We look forward to the next.

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